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I was born in Quedlinburg - a beautiful East German provincial town - at the end in the Seventies. I lived my youth being engaged in all sorts of sports, political activity and music. Right after high school I did a variety of courses at University of Göttingen - to satisfy my curiosity: sociology, economy, art, law, philosophy, psychology - before I finally discovered my passion for social psychology. After graduating in 2004, I travelled through New Zealand and I somehow got stuck here. Since 2006, I am doing my PhD in Cross-Cultural psychology at the Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research at Victoria University of Wellington. My "non-academic" interests involve travelling, visiting festivals, arts, photography, all sorts of adventurous and non-adventurous outdoor activities, such as climbing on volcanos or gardening.


Finally, I started writing up my thesis. For self-monitoring, motivation, procrastination - whatever the reasons may be - I am writing a diary about my writing progress. I just started on 17. January 2008...it might be deadly boring, might be hilarious, you'll see. [enter here]